I am going to type as fast as I can to see if I can get this post up before Lillie wakes up from her nap. I can hear her stirring so I may not get it done. Anyway, this is going to be short but just thought I would show you all one of our two newest hat colors (will show you the other one in my next post) and a preview of some of the Valentine's Day pillows I have been working on. Dana made one in this color for both Lillie and Jamie for Christmas. I wish I had of gotten a shot of them wearing their hats together. Maybe I will when Jamie comes down for a visit next time.

As usual I didn't get a smile from Miss Lillabel but at least I got one shot of her looking at the camera! Jon thinks she looks WAY too grown up here and I agree! What happened to our baby? He actually doesn't like this picture at all because he thought it was posed but then I showed him the other 40 or so I took of her and the rest she's got her thumb in her mouth or is making faces so he realized this was just a shot of her glaring at me! =)  Here are a few versions. 

And here are a few shots of some of the Valentine's Day pillows I am working on. I am HORRIBLE when it comes to foreign languages and every time I googled "valentine" in a handful of different languages something different would come up so I hope I don't have these spelled or accented incorrectly! I originally was just planning on doing one or two 12" by 24" longer pillows but when I took down my Silent Night and Holy Night pillows and put them away the couch looked so bare so I decided to start with two 20" squares to cover the inserts of the Silent Night ones. Plus I like having a little pop of something black and graphic in that room. I also made two 12" by 24" ones that I will post pictures of tomorrow or Saturday (one of which we are going to give away here on our blog!) and two heart shaped pillows. One in burlap and the other in muslin. You can see the burlap one on our sofa. I think it may be a little too "cutesy" for me though so I may move it on up to the guest bedroom.

Over the last couple of months we have gotten quite a few requests about doing tutorials here on our blog. As I mentioned a little while back that is something I do want to attempt doing, but am a bit nervous to because I am horrible at explaining things. I thought I would give it a try though and have my first one be with these pillows because I figured what could be easier than a basic pillow tutorial, right? How could that go wrong? Well, first I tried taking pictures as I went with the script pillows. It was late at night when I was making them so when I uploaded the pictures on my computer they were AWFUL! They were not photos I would ever want to post! In fact they were all quickly deleted! Then I figured I would try with the heart pillows the next day but half-way in realized I had no idea what I was doing myself - so I definitely should not be giving a tutorial on them so I stopped. Plus, I am not super happy with either of them and I don't want to do our first Dear Lillie tutorial on a project that I am not a big fan of.  So, it is embarrassing to say that the part I was most worried about as far as doing a tutorial was the writing and I never even got that far - haha! Oh well. Anyway, to those of you who have asked - I promise I am going to keep trying and at some point will do a tutorial or two on here and if they work out will go from there. 

In the meantime, although we won't be giving a tutorial we will be giving away one of our "je t'aime" pillows in our next post. It might be tomorrow (if I have time) but more likely will be Saturday so be sure to check back!  Also, I haven't had time to make templates of the script for those you who want to make your own pillows yet, but if I do get to it later tonight I will post them with the giveaway. I was quite shocked at how many of you used the Silent Night/ Holy Night ones so I will definitely try to get some templates made up for these if I have time.

Okay - that's all for now! (Oh and no - Lillie doesn't nap until 10pm! She woke up shortly after I started writing and I am just now getting around to finishing it up!)

I hope you all have had a wonderful Thursday! 


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