I thought today I would show you the rest of the Valentine's decorating we did in our dining room and living room. I was thinking about doing a really soft pink accent color but couldn't find any fresh flowers that weren't bright pink at the places we went so I just ended up getting some white hyacinths and going with a very simple black and white color scheme. And to keep the girls happy I threw in some hearts and the love banner on our mantel that I had not been planning on using this year. I have to admit looking at them they kind of drove me crazy so even though I had the large heart, the heart petals on the table and the love banner on the mantel up for about a week I ended up removing those three things today and left everything else and I like it so much better...I wish I had time to retake pictures. I think it looks better now. I am not sure the girls agree, but hey, when you are 1 and 4 the more hearts the better =)

Over here I used more of my favorite striped straws from the TomKat Studio. This time in gray. And I made a simple canvas for about $4. Seeing how I already had the quote on the chalkboard I decided to have the canvas be more graphic and used the number 14, which has several significances for me, two of which are the fact that obviously Valentine's Day is on the 14th and that Jon's number in college was 14.

In this picture you can see the large tissue paper heart and some little cutout hearts sprinkled on the table runner which are both in honor of Lillie. =) I made the heart last year and wasn't a big fan of it but Lillie saw it when I was going through some from last year and begged me to put it up.

You can see how to make these little mini valentine's cakes in yesterday's tutorial. They have a fun little pink ombre surprise inside.

On each plate was a little cardstock cutout of the word love.

I decided seeing how I had a little nod to Jon in the 14 on the sideboard it would be nice to put a little something in honor of my little valentine's on the table so I added a photo of Lillie on one side and Lola on the other.

And then of course underneath each setting are these chalkboard style placemats that are available to download on our website.

In the corner I have one of our 12 by 20 je t'aime pillow covers.

And here is the love banner that I have since taken down... =)

And on the sofa we have our "Love is..." pillow cover set. We are sold out of them in white but have a handful left in the black ink print that are on sale.

I hope you all are having a lovely week!


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