Lola's crib is now up in Jamie and Josh's nursery waiting the arrival of their little girl. We had planned on Lola moving into Lillie's room once she was done with the crib but we tried it several times and it didn't go so well so we decided to put her back in her room and build her a little toddler bed. Because I figured she wouldn't sleep in it long I designed it so I could add a tufted back and turn it into a little mini-sofa/daybed for the girls when the time came and we could turn this room into a little bit of a playroom for them (although we also have the full sized bed in here seeing how it also functions as our guest room and it's not a very big room it will be a bit squishy). Well, guess what? She slept in it great for a couple of nights and then things went downhill and she decided she was ready to sleep in with Lillie and sure enough the last week they've been sleeping in there together! So - all that work for two nights in this bed - ahhh! Haha - oh well, I will be turning it into a little sofa/daybed hopefully this week or next and will share pictures once it's done and I also will have a tutorial for both this little bed and the sofa.

We have these little bunny silhouette pillows now available in our shop! They are perfect for Easter and also for a children's room!

And yes, I know that with the crib gone the silhouettes are now randomly in the middle of the wall =). They are coming down once I make the bed into a daybed because I have something else I am going to put above it that I am excited about!

Good thing I took some pictures the first day. =)

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! 


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