Now that the weather is starting to get nicer here I've been itching to start taking some photos of the girls outdoors. I haven't taken any "real" pictures of them since October. I've only brought my camera down to Colonial Williamsburg once in the last several months. My cousin, Lauren was here visiting and we took a little walk down there to see the horses. It was morning time so the sun was way too harsh to really take any good pictures but the girls were wearing these adorable dresses my mom made for them and it was such a beautiful morning, so I wanted to take at least a picture or two.  She purchased the Audrey Sewing Pattern from one of our sponsors, Violette Field Threads. I LOVE how they turned out.

Lillie is finally at the age where she will smile sweetly for me when I take her picture. Sometimes Lola will too, but most of the time she just takes off running when she sees me pull out my camera. =) I'm hoping I will have some time soon too take some photos of them in the evening!

I also wanted to introduce our newest sponsor, Liquid Art by Cara Berkeley. She makes original contemporary and abstract art that she sells in her Etsy shop.

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday!


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