I hope you all are having a lovely Saturday! Today I wanted to share a few readers photos that were sent in showing our chalkboard art. 

First, I have to show you this dining room from the amazing Kris Pool! She is one of the people who I have come to become good  friends with through this blog and every time I have seen a photo of her home I drool! I was so excited when she e-mailed these photos last night and could not wait to add them to this post. I LOVE her elegant yet whimsical Easter dining room! I know her two beautiful daughters must love all of the creative touches she is always adding to their home. 
 I see our "Christ the Lord..." download and think I spotted one of our bunny pillows too. =)


And here is one of our posters that Alli, who has also become a friend, downloaded and printed at Staples and then put in this fabulous white frame in her daughter's room!

Kristine Hatch sent in this picture of her daughter's darling room with our "I love you..." chalkboard print - and I spy some pillows I recognize too =).

Pam McFarland sent in this photo of her spring mantel. She said the lyrics to this song are one of her favorites, so she was delighted to highlight the words for her grandchildren to see and enjoy when they come to her home!

And here is a photo sent in from Lauren Hracho of her spring vignette featuring our "And I Think To Myself" print.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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