Not too long ago I saw some adorable silhouette eggs on Pinterest. They were too colorful for my decor but I loved the idea! Then later I saw some beautiful tea-stained eggs here on Southern Living's website. I decided to try to mix the two ideas and was really happy with how it turned out.

So, here is how I started. First, I cut out several images on my silhouette machine. Now, I know most people don't have a silhouette machine. You can use this tutorial over at Le Papier Studio if you don't, or if you want to make it really easy, you can purchase these same little vinyl stickers from our shop.

Next I boiled a whole bunch of eggs. I let them sit for a few minutes until I was able to hold them (but they still need to be hot) and then attached the vinyl silhouettes on them. I actually left some just like this because I really like how they looked without even dying the eggs.

Then once the eggs had cooled a little more I dipped them in a strong cup of coffee. I also dipped some in a VERY strong cup of tea (I think I used about four tea bags for it). I let them sit in there for a little while until I got the color I wanted.

Now, if you don't press the vinyl down very well or do it when the eggs have completely cooled they might end up looking like this.

Now if you do press the vinyl down nice and tightly and do it while the eggs are still warm a perfectly crisp imprint will be left when you peel off the silhouette. (Sorry for the grainy photo this one was taken late at night).

The one on the left was dipped in the tea and the one on the right dipped in the coffee.

Lillie, of course, wanted to make her eggs pink!

Actually she had fun dipping them in all the colors and then adding stickers. =)

Or if you don't want to make eggs these little silhouettes are cute for other little accents on your Easter table.

Also, we will be announcing the winner of our Love Is pillow covers  tomorrow and they will be available in our shop again then too! 

And we are going to be hosting another Link Party on Monday! This time it will be for anything about EASTER!!!!!! I can't wait to see what you all have to share!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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